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v0.106 in review at the App Store

Posted on 26 January , 9665 by Maxym Yurchenko
It feels like it has been ages but Apple are now reviewing the next release version of the game. I have been working on the next-next release and have a rudimentary portrait view layout working. Have squashed a few little bugs, added a few little visual queues to the upgrade store and also improved the information on the Info Window. The layout of the stats panel is still a little iffy and sometimes the achievements overlap the upgrades.

Exciting couple of days

Posted on 26 January , 9665 by Maxym Yurchenko
Zuulite Miner has been on the App Store for 2 days and has been downloaded an astonishing 398 times!!! Thank you to all those who have taken the time to download and install my little game. Thank you, thank you. A huge apology to all those who have downloaded the App and got stuck due to the crash after trying to buy the first Laser or Explosive upgrade. This bug is fixed in version 0.106 (live on the web player) which was submitted to Ap