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Zuulite Miner v0.500 Released on the App Store

Posted on 26 January , 9665 by Maxym Yurchenko
After a couple of weeks in review with Apple they have now given Zuulite Miner their approval and the latest version is now available for download via their App Store. This version brings iOS 8 compatibility as well as a graphical over-haul. A couple of things have been removed… there is no portrait view (for now) and the reset button is gone (temporarily). I have had an idea for another game, which I have started working on and is g

Zuulite Miner v0.500 uploaded

Posted on 26 January , 9665 by Maxym Yurchenko
Zuulite Miner has been re-written using Unity v4.6. The Asteroid is now a 3D object in a 3D planetary system. You can pan and zoom in orbit around the Asteroid to take a look around while you mine. The achievement and upgrade lists have had a face lift and you can now click on each to learn how the achievement was gained or what the upgrade is actually doing. Portrait view and the reset button have both been temporarily removed from th

Unity 4.6 = rebuild Zuulite Miner

Posted on 26 January , 9665 by Maxym Yurchenko
I knew Unity were working on a new UI system to be released with Unity version 4.6 when I was first working on Zuulite Miner. I thought it would have been a nice-to-have but I managed to do most of the things I needed with 2D Sprites, 2D Box Colliders and a little ingenuity. I was pretty pleased with version 0.106 of Zuulite Miner on iOS until iOS 8 was released and broke it! Anyway, now I have made the effort to look into it the new UI s

iOS 8

Posted on 26 January , 9665 by Maxym Yurchenko
Sorry everyone but Zuulite Miner v0.106 is not compatible with iOS version 8. Version 0.108 will be compiled using Unity 4.5.4 which fixes the problem with display rotation upon app initialisation under iOS 8. As soon as this update hits the App Store the game will work again! Again apologies for the problems. Cheers Stuart

V0.106 is now available on the App Store

Posted on 26 January , 9665 by Maxym Yurchenko
Thank you to the team at Apple who have reviewed the latest binary for Zuulite Miner and have approved it for release on the App Store. I am really pleased with this version. Check out the version history to see what has been happening. I am currently working on v0.108 which has some great fixes and new features. I keep coming up with a few awesome ideas for the game. I will publish a roadmap for the game soon so that I can share my id

v0.106 in review at the App Store

Posted on 26 January , 9665 by Maxym Yurchenko
It feels like it has been ages but Apple are now reviewing the next release version of the game. I have been working on the next-next release and have a rudimentary portrait view layout working. Have squashed a few little bugs, added a few little visual queues to the upgrade store and also improved the information on the Info Window. The layout of the stats panel is still a little iffy and sometimes the achievements overlap the upgrades.