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After Ice: Zuulite Miner [alpha release]

Click your way to profit!

Please leave any bug reports and gameplay suggestions in the comments below or on the forums. We would really love to hear what you think. Also you should take the time to check out the inspiration for the game and the UI, here: Cookie Clicker by Orteil.

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  1. avatar Lak Moore says:

    Version 0.102 of Zuulite Miner has just been uploaded.

    If the game loads but nothing happens when you click the Asteroid, please use the “Reset Game” button to clear you broken saved game. Reload the browser page to get everything working again.

    In this update we have added:
    some sounds effects
    one ambience track (plays at random intervals)
    Reset Game button
    Amount of Zuu gained from clicking has a random +/- modifier
    and we have tweaked some upgrade costs.

    Version 0.102 of the code also compiles and runs on iOS!

    Future updates to include:
    Background Music (hopefully from SoundCloud)
    Finish copying across all the upgrade names
    Achievement info
    Better probability spread for modifiers when clicking the Asteroid
    Low probability “Great” clicks, “Great” click counter and “Great Clicker” achievement
    Improved stats on Tool Info window
    Ability to re-name your mine

    Phil is working on some concepts for some improved art assets.

    I am working on getting the app approved for the Apple App Store.

    Hope you like the work completed so far. I am chuffed-to-bits with how it has turned out.



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