AAA Indie

Independence is power.  It’s the power to create your own direction; to build your world exactly the way you always wanted.  It’s freedom to live in that world, whatever way you choose.  Seek or destroy, explore, create or just enjoy: it’s all up to you.

Sound good?

We think so, too!  Welcome home… to AAA Indie. Think of it as Independence Deluxe. Because a community of like-minded freethinkers is stronger than any game publisher. And as a community, we can create the best post-apocalyptic sandbox thriller the world has ever seen–a game so great, it’s better than life.

What is AAA Indie?

It’s a catchy phrase for crowdsourcing thought up by the clever guys at Zero Point Software.

How do I help?

Visit our website.  Every time you peek in to see what’s new, you help out.  We can see you’re interested, and that alone is a motivator.  And hey stranger, say hello once in a while.  Tell us what you’re thinking.

Invite friends.  Especially if they’re awesome.

Volunteer skills.  Pack this in your resume and smoke it—“Story editor, After Ice MMO. Sound Design, After Ice MMO.”  Cool, huh? If you’ve got a skill you can contribute, let us know!  You can donate illustrations, sound effects, 3-D models, or whatever strikes your fancy.  This really is our playground.  It’s for the people, by the people, and that means YOU.  And yes, if we use your material, you will get full credit… and possibly a gig on a more permanent basis!

And volunteer cash, kids!  Did you know sitting on a fat wallet can cause back pain?  So liberate your spine.  Free your cash.  It wants to be free, you know.  And every dollar you donate goes directly into the production of After Ice.

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