Notch has a lot to answer for!

Notch has a lot to answer for!

Posted on 26 January , 9665 by Maxym Yurchenko

So… erm… Minecraft!!!

I had absolutely no desire to play Minecraft. I had heard of it. I was aware of it but nothing about it appealed to me. My boy however asked us to get him a copy of Minecraft every single day. Eventually I relented and purchased a login for Minecraft. Within 24 hours I had purchased a further 2 logins so that the three of us could all play together.

Having defeated the Ender Dragon on our own personal house server, made a faction and an awesome base on Climax Craft‘s public survival server and lost many, many rounds of hunger games on The Emerald Isle. I have finally decided that I should probably stop playing Minecraft and take a quick look around me to see all the things that I have neglected to attend to in “Real Life

Congratulations Elite: Dangerous

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