The Graphic Novel

The year is 9650 AD. Earth is beyond crisis. Everything our ancestors have ever known or loved is buried beneath a sheet of ice, and mankind can never go home again.

Yet we survive. Floating cities and outposts carry mined resources for trade with other races. Explorers and rogue ships venture further throughout the galaxy than man has ever travelled before. Space makes a fertile Eden.

From the warlike people of Phyrnos, we learn hospitable planets exist within the galaxy and negotiations begin in earnest for a home of our own.

But the negotiations stretch on for generations.

Tired of waiting, a brave few strike out on their own, entering forbidden Phyrnosian space just as an ancient goddess returns to Phyrnos, fulfilling ancient prophecy and turning the Phyrnosian military on its head. With the Phyrnosians distracted, there’s never been a better chance at slipping past their patrols, but we quickly find their system is unexpectedly treacherous…