The year is 9665 AD. Our beloved Earth is gripped by the next Ice Age and uninhabitable. The human race is existing in desperate pockets of civilization spread around the galaxy in search of a new planet to call home. If only we hadn't run into the Phyrnosians, the outlook for the race may be a little less bleak...

After Ice is a free-form Massive Multi-Player Role Playing Game for the PC. Players will be able to explore massive worlds on foot, via land-based vehicles or from the air. Pilot your ship up through the atmosphere and out into space where you can dock with your capital ship and push through the 5th dimension of space-time to travel to other planetary systems faster than light. You can take a shuttle to the nearest space station to trade on the markets or buy parts for your ship. If you have the funds you could buy a mining ship which can gather resources from asteroids, moons and some planets. If you have the skills you can engineer those resources into useful tools and items for your own purposes or to sell for profit. If your ship has a reasonable cargo hold you could run courier missions or if you have the fire-power, and the stomach for it, engage in some good old-fashioned piracy! The choices and your destiny are only limited by your imagination.

The game is under development and scheduled for release in December 2015.

Stuart Rickard is the director of src Solutions, a successful IT company in Lincolnshire, England that has been serving modern businesses for many years with a wide variety of IT solutions. Stuart has a passion for problem solving and has created a number of unique applications for the web, windows desktop and mobile platforms for customers and personal projects. He has now turned his attention to his life-long dream of creating, writing, developing and publishing a Massive Multi-player Experience. He has seen the full development life-cycle of a number of applications and developing "After Ice" is going to need those and other skills, expanding and pushing them in new directions.

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