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After Ice: Better than Life

Lose yourself.

After Ice: Zuulite Miner

After Ice: Zuulite Miner is an awesome Idle Game where the object is to mine as much Zuulite as you can from the asteroids in the Phyrnosian Oup-Hind system. Run your Zuulite Mine however you want! Invest your hard-earned Zuulite to employ workers, purchase tools or mining droids all of which will improve the rate at which you can mine the Zuulite (your rate is measured in Kuub per Second).

The game was inspired by, and the interface design based upon, the awesome Cookie Clicker by Orteil. If you haven’t already you should definitely give it a try.

Zuulite Miner is available to play on multiple platforms [Version History].

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After Ice: Mercari

After Ice: Mercari is a trading game where the player uses their skill, judgement and a little luck to buy low and sell high as they travel around the futuristic After Ice galaxy.

You start the game in a relatively friendly sector of space with a fully fueled standard issue ship and a few credits in your account. There are a number of approachable bases in this system, all just a few minutes away. You must decide what to buy to fill your cargo hold, where to travel to and how quickly you want to get there.

The faster you travel the more fuel you will use to cover the same distance. Fuel isn’t all the expensive but don’t forget to count the cost or you might not turn a profit this trip!

There are many commodities available to buy and sell. Not everything is for sale everywhere and different planets and stations demand different goods. Most people need or want for one commodity or another. Planets and moons may have a thriving agriculture or mining operations and may have surpluses for sale at great prices. Prices will rise and fall depending upon a planet’s rate of use of a commodity, its demand and how many players are bringing in fresh supplies.

Inter-planetary travel is a relatively straight forward exercise with most individuals choosing to sleep for the journey. Ship navigation is highly automated and piracy rates are low in friendly and neutral systems. Proximity alarms rarely fail to give you plenty of warning of things that may need you attention.

Inter-system travel, using the push-points marked with beacons, is virtually instantaneous however travelling to or from those push points to the nearest Lagrange Station or planet may take some time. There are plenty of activities to occupy your time. You can browse the markets of the nearby planets and stations, watching your profits rise, or fall, in-line with prices as you travel. If you spot a more lucrative offer for your cargo why not alter course and capitalise on the change in circumstances.

Be careful if you do venture off your plotted course. Piracy can also be profitable! Hopefully you will never be boarded but protect yourself in case someone tries.

Maybe on your way to your next cargo drop your scanners will find evidence of some poor unfortunate soul who failed to heave to when a superior force commanded it. Salvaging the wrecks of those less fortunate than yourself can often be profitable as long as you have the equipment to retrieve what you find. If your hold is full you can always store the coordinates in your computer for a more detailed examination later… as long as no-one else finds it and picks the bones clean first!

When you have a few trades under your belt and have turned a tidy profit you could think about making some custom alterations to your ship or, if you have made some very shrewd investments, why not sell your old ship and buy a new one! There are some very interesting upgrades out there and a huge range of ships to suit all tastes.