v0.106 in review at the App Store

v0.106 in review at the App Store

Posted on 26 January , 9665 by Maxym Yurchenko

It feels like it has been ages but Apple are now reviewing the next release version of the game. I have been working on the next-next release and have a rudimentary portrait view layout working. Have squashed a few little bugs, added a few little visual queues to the upgrade store and also improved the information on the Info Window.

The layout of the stats panel is still a little iffy and sometimes the achievements overlap the upgrades. I am working on this and when I am happy with it it will be called v0.108 and I will upload it to the App Store and Website and I also want to look at testing it on Android.

But for now, watch this space for Apple to finish reviewing After Ice: Zuulite Miner.

V0.106 is now available on the App Store

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